Business Intelligence

Through years of experience and an established network of key industry relationships, we have developed a comprehensive understanding of issues that are critical to the competitive landscape.

The Dominion Group’s Business Intelligence Division offers:

  • Rapid access to time-critical information about products currently on the market or under investigation by competitive manufacturers
  • “Early intelligence” that includes a particular focus on triggering events such as Non-Disclosure Agreement submissions, data release, pertinent business activities, pipeline events, etc., that are relevant to our clients and the markets they serve
  • Access to technical expertise in competitive methodologies and techniques
  • Exposure to a broad range of industry-specific relationships that have been established as a result of our market expertise over many years

Our extensive experience in intelligence gathering includes knowledge of virtually all therapeutic areas and tailored primary and secondary research to:

  • Target specific areas of competitive focus (e.g. Key Intelligence Questions, Key Intelligence Topics, etc.)
  • Assess early warning systems
  • Uncover blind-spots and the implementation of tripwires
  • Provide industry-specific competitive intelligence education/workshops (entry level to advanced)
  • Provide medical meeting coverage, aligned to address Key Business Questions