Field Services

The Dominion Group has developed and maintains extensive databases of key opinion leaders and healthcare professionals across numerous therapeutic areas to facilitate cost-efficient and timely recruiting, as well as ensuring access to “high quality” respondents.

Among some of the other capabilities and offerings provided by our Field Services staff are the following:

  • Custom screener development
  • Experienced in-house screening and recruiting staff
  • List development/sample generation
  • Access to and management of TDG’s databases
  • Ability to participate in “live” telephone interviews (on muted line)
  • Market research facility management
  • Video-conferencing/streaming coordination with outside facilities
  • Innovative recruiting methods for “difficult-to-recruit” audiences
  • Coordination of international recruiting and interviewing
  • 24/7 access to digital recordings

With every project, our Field Service professionals work closely with our clients and partners to ensure that:

  • Recruiting specifications are met based upon the objectives and timelines of the project
  • Recruiting progress is monitored and reported to keep our clients and business partners informed
  • Changes to screening criteria and/or recruiting methodology can be easily implemented to maximize the effectiveness of the recruit