Primary Research

We have extensive expertise in a wide range of marketing research methodologies to meet the most demanding needs of almost any research initiative.

Qualitative Research Services

Our research professionals use a qualitative meta-analysis process that sifts, analyzes and distills information that provides new perspectives for our clients and a deeper understanding of their business issues. Our qualitative research offerings include:

  • In-person Interviews (one-on-ones, dyads, triads, etc.)
  • In-Depth Telephone Interviews (includes secure web-assisted interviews for: concept testing, product profile review, etc.)
  • Focus Groups (in-Person, telephone, on-line)

We also offer a full-service, in-house Field Services department that works closely with our internal staff, clients and strategic business partners to ensure that recruitment specifications are met based upon the unique requirements of each project that we undertake.

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Quantitative Research Services

Our quantitative research services go far beyond presentation of research data. We are experts at research design, survey instrument development, sampling techniques, data collection procedures and data analysis. Our quantitative research offerings include:

  • Online Internet Surveys
  • Check Studies
  • Phone/fax Surveys
  • Structured Telephone Surveys
  • Convention Research

Hybrid Methodologies

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